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Thank you for stopping, we welcome you to our online E-store for all your Auto needs, be it a simple auto essential requirement, Do it yourself products, professional range of equipment’s, Tools or car detailers requirements. We are here to get you all your car needs.

We strongly believe in getting Quality products to our customers and keep growing in terms of offering more and more products required in auto industry. We always try to go an extra mile to get customer satisfaction and bring them unique products with quality and justifiable pricing.

We look forward to get best professional Car detailing and "Do It Yourself" products, along with necessary detailing Equipment’s, tools, training and basic auto accessories required for your car.


We get you Quality International brands/ products for car accessories, Car fragrances, Professional detailing and DIY range for Car Enthusiasts and professionals. Our Rich experience in Auto Detailing industry helps us leverage our learning and experience in keeping your car up to mark for all events. Our focus is to help car Enthusiasts retain their rides to Brand new condition and make it look Young.


Auto reflection is a brand name from its parent Company, Foam lance car care who imports most of the professional Auto application products and equipment’s required in auto industry. Our Thorough expertise in automotive paint system and reconditioning helps us get the right product for right job to get the best results required.

Our Professional car detailing experts have tested all our products before listing it on our website. Thus offering the highest quality equipment, Tools and training and consulting in this industry.

Our Focus –

Getting Quality product for our customers.

Retain and grow our customers by adding new products and giving better customer service and better Deals.

100% Genuine Products

100% Genuine MRP

Guaranteed  Discount on All products

Pricing Policy:

The Price displayed on our website is the actual retail price listed on the product as specified by Manufacturers or Distributors.

We take utmost care to make sure the information is accurate, there may be chances  where price of the product delivered is different from the price given on the website due to various reasons including new stocking, delay in updating prices on our website , different price being specified by manufacturers in different regions. Different stock and state prices if supplied by our suppliers/sellers.

In this case we will charge you the price displayed/paid on our website.

Technical Help –

For car Enthusiasts-

Have questions about which products suites your car? Or have a query on what treatment is required for your car based on its age, fading and color? Kindly write to us. We will be happy to advice you. Send your car images and we will get you the right products.

For professional detailers-

Contact us for any machine maintenance guidance or application of products and results variations from Brand of the products used.

 For any alteration or adjustment of Foam lances, High pressure hose, QRC (Quick release Couplings ) Special franchisee setups or any advice related to professional use.


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Foam Lance Car Care

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