TS Stella - 150bar, 15l/min, 3 phase 

Stella is a professional hot water high pressure washer, which allows you to have a perfect wash easily, safely and effortlessly. It is suitable for companies which use pressure washers continuously.
Let's see some of its main features.


Stella is equipped with 1450 Rpm professional pump with 3 ceramic plungers and crankshaft. In other pressure washers on the market, the pump is generally placed inside the machine, hidden behind the cover, and you realize it needs maintenance only when it stops. Actually, the wear and tear begin earlier, with little water leaks, which could be fixed in time, cutting 40% off pump maintenance costs! On the contrary, as for all pressure washers by Idrobase, Stella's pump is perfectly visible, so that the user can easily check its working and notice any water leak, in order to call the customer service in good time and avoid bigger troubles.
Other pressure washers have a cover, and it keeps the heat produced by the motor, by the pump and by the heater on the inside, and for this reason temperature can reach 60°C. The main contradiction is that electric motor fan tries to cool the motor using warm air! This influences the performance of the motor and the rubber spare parts in first place (for example the h.p. seals of the plungers), which can easily wear out because of high temperature; this does not happen in high pressure washing machines by Idrobase; as for all pressure washers by Idrobase, Stella's electric motor, being uncovered, is always able to receive fresh air from outside, and this offers advantages to performances and maintenance. There's steel in the heater, but you just can't notice it, because it is not used in the outside cover, but on the inside, where it is really needed!
Stella's plastic parts include the machine cover and the lateral protection made of ABS. The heater is protected and kept cool by a chromium-plated steel internal perforated jacket, which allows to disperse the excess of heat.
The main frame is made of a chromium-plated steel, and this gives the machine the proper solidity; the fuel tank is made of painted steel.
The Comfort Line accessories represent a surplus value for Stella, a completion with high pressure washer parts: the lance, which swivels at high pressure; the 4 high-resolution nozzles with quick connection; the possibility of choosing the angle of washing among 15, 25 or 40 degrees, in order to get a better wash and a decrease in water and energy use and in costs.
Moreover, we can describe the safety systems: the safety valve on the heater outlet, for the excess of heat; the safety valve in the pump, for the waste of hot water; the valve in the fuel filter, for the waste of condensation; the valve for the excess of pressure in the pump.
Finally, the electric installation, which is easy and direct, with only two switches: the first for cold water use, the latter for the use with hot water. There aren't electronic components or operation to set.

Stella is a long-life pressure washer, thanks to its easiness and reliability.
Some technical data about the different models available:
- pressure: 50-200 bar
- flow rate: 15-21 l/min
- power: 5.5/7 HP 
- water temperature adjustable up to 140°C.


CODEModelVersionPressureFlow rateRpmTemperaturaTemperaturePower
ZX.21331450 150/15By-pass150bar15l/min145045 - 80°C *5,5hp (3x400V-50Hz)136kg

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TS Stella - 150bar, 15l/min, 3 phase

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