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Car Window Care: Tips and Tricks for Car Window Maintenance

Car Window Care: Tips and Tricks for Car Window Maintenance
Sep 13, 2017
Car Window Care: Tips and Tricks for Car Window Maintenance

Most of the car drivers and car owners pay attention towards both repair and maintenance of their vehicles. However, many of them often forget to include the maintenance of the windscreen present in their vehicles as per periodic checkups.

Maintenance of a car windscreen involves simple and easy steps, because of which individuals may do them on their own. To maintain cars in good condition, drivers should essentially treat it with the best possible care in the same way, as they do in case of tyres. This is because; overlooking small problems in the vehicles’ windscreen may cause many big troubles and become unsafe as per the key prospects.

Functions of Windscreen in Cars

Car windscreens perform the prime function of protecting passengers and car drivers from the entry of wind and various other particles present on the road. In this way, the person presents in the driving seat views long distance clearly. In addition, windscreen holds the car roof intact and avoids it from falling in case of any accident. However, with the passage of time, dirt and dust particles stuck over the windshield and process is very slow that the driver fails to identify until and unless the visibility becomes too much low.

Tips and Tricks Involved in Maintenance

By following the key tips and tricks associated with maintenance of your car’s windscreen, you will expect to keep it in clean condition and glam up the complete exterior part of your car or any other similar type of vehicle.

  • You should start the procedure with interior portion of the car windscreen and wipe it in the downward direction by using a dry cloth made of microfiber.

  • You should spray the entire interior surface by applying a suitable auto glass cleaner.

  • After this, you should reverse the piece of cloth and wipe the car’s windscreen to almost every corner by the help of the cleaner facing side ward, while finally, you should change that cloth piece.

  • You should repeat the same procedure to clean the interior part of the car windscreen and wipe it in the downward direction properly. You should apply the spray in relatively higher amounts in case of requirement and clean it with the help of a tidy cloth.

  • You should again go to wipe the glass, but this time, you should use a dry cloth.

  • Now, you should come to the front portion of the windscreen of your car. You should clean it by applying a glass cleaner spray on it and wipe it by using a hose. However, before this, you should clean the front surface with a piece of neat cloth.

  • You should soak the vehicle windscreen by using a towel and repeat the same activity on the inner surface.

  • Lastly, you should pour vinegar in small amounts on a cloth made of microfiber and wipe two different sides of the window glass to make sure cleaning it so that it sparkles properly.

Therefore, by following some of the little tricks, you will find the best possible maintenance of your cars. 

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