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Quick Car care Tips

Quick Car care Tips
Sep 11, 2017
Quick Car care Tips

Quick Car care Tips  

You can maintain your car looks on daily bases if you follow some basic but important procedures that enable you to restore and maintain a show car shine on your vehicle.  There are no short cuts as each step must build on the previous one.

Step 1.  Exterior & Interior Cleaning

Exterior Part-

Wash your car thoroughly weekly once at least on dry days and on rough use we recommend atleast once in 3 days, advantage of frequent wash is that stain do not stick to paint surface which is the key step to retain long gloss, start with a good quality car wash shampoo and a quality wash Mitt a long with basic microfiber cloth, drying cloths and kits.

If your car is less dirty and a waterless wash works then it’s a quick & easy get away from the tedious car wash step. Sometime when the car is less dusty just spraying water from TOP DOWN will do the job.

Always start from Top/Roof be it water spraying or machine wash, as it will drain the particles below it to shred off.

Washing removes loose surface dirt, Stains and contaminants that have not yet bonded to the surface. 

Interior Part-

If you have already detailed your car once or before 3 three month then just doing a clean vacuum and dusting will help. Some time you will need mild cleaners for spot corrections and dresser to finish off.

If you are detailing your interiors for first time then we recommend to use good concentrated interior cleaners and professional detailing brushes to start with. Prepare the cleaner concentrate according to the instructions on the bottle and spray small areas and parallel to this start brush cleaning to remove stubborn stains. Do similar process on all surfaces like doors, dashboard, armrest and other plastic parts. DO not do rough brushing especially when your brush is hard or it’s been used first time. You can use Sponge cleaning most times when surface has dust and NO TOUGH STAINS as mentioned below.

DONOT USE BRUSH Cleaning on fabric seat, leather seat and Roof, instead use a sponge by applying cleaner to create sufficient lather and apply sponge with mild to heavy force to clean these surfaces. If you use BRUSH this will damage the texture and original finish. For leather seats and leather surface use leather cleaner or leather cleaner & conditioner.

We recommend using foam cleaners or Anti-germ Foam cleaners which are best as they dry out quickly without making the surface wet and loosen the stain, unlike regular water based cleaners which make the surface wet.

Step 2.  Correction

Exterior Part-

Correction includes both paint Correction (not to be confused with the washing step) and interior Correction.

Paint Correction includes spot cleaning of bug and tar marks and also remove swirl mark, compounding and scratch removal if any should be observed and completed here before going forward

Interior Part-

Interior Correction includes spot correction and re-work on hard stain or stain marks along with dust and dirt removal from small corners which are not reachable or missed during step-1. Some stains are visible after you wipe or dry out interiors when you complete step1 also possibility of drip/drag of cleaner might be visible.


Step 3.  Polishing Exterior & Interior Panel

Exterior Part-

You can polish exterior with mild – high cut polish based on the outcome of second step or use regular polish to add some gloss.

Interior Part-

Interior Panel has to be applied with dashboard Polish or dresser to give a finish .


Step 4.  Coating Exterior & Interior Panel

Exterior Part-

You can coat exterior with your favorite product like caranauba wax or synthetic sealant or even better product like ceramic coat to finish the quick maintenance. Spray wax helps in saving time and effort.

Interior Part-

Interior panel can be dressed with  premium product like interior panel coating similar to ceramic coating which you apply on car paint. After cleaning interior dashboard Panel directly apply interior coating  on surface, do not apply dashboard polish before the application of interior panel coat as the bonding will not be good. You can further go with fabric guard coating of seats to protect it against spill and stain.

Step 5.  Maintenance

This step defines the paint gloss duration, so regularly remove bird drops , bug and tar, stains as soon as you see them , always keep some basic cleaners handy. And wash your car regularly, waterless wash helps if you are in a hurry.

Similarly clean your car interiors regularly, remove stains and greasy stains as soon as you see them, you might unknowingly sit on food spilled over seat fabric which sticks hard to texture, wipe off quickly. Use regular cleaners or foam cleaners or Anti-germ Foam cleaners are best as they dry out quickly and loosen the stain, unlike regular water based cleaners which make the surface wet.


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