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Carnauba Car Wax vs. Paint Sealants

Carnauba Car Wax vs. Paint Sealants
Sep 08, 2017
Carnauba Car Wax vs. Paint Sealants

Carnauba Waxes

Carnauba wax is the preferred car wax because it creates a deep rich glow. It doesn’t appear to sit on the paint & seams into the paint to give a strong, elegant look. It transforms the paint into a deep, wet looking paint as the sunlight falls on it & or as your car starts moving. A Effective use of carnauba wax better is the Gloss.
The wax is produced by a palm tree that grows in Brazil to cover its Leaves from heat & Humidity. Carnauba is hard in its natural form. The leaves of the Tree are harvested, wax flakes off, as the leaves are dried, or they are put into a process that removes the wax.
 Car Wax manufacturers have to blend the wax with oils and other additives, in order to make the wax workable. Some Modern day wax has a blend of carnauba wax and Synthetic resin to improve its application.

Carnauba is extracted and then upgraded according to color, purity, and where it was grown. Northern area of Brazil produces the highest grade carnauba. The yellow wax is the most pure form of Carnauba. This is the premium quality wax preferred by Top car experts.
Some manufacturers refine the yellow wax again into an ultra-pure white wax to ensure that the wax produces the clearest, most reflective gloss once applied to the paint.
As the DNA Of wax is to protect its underlying from Heat & Humidity, the carnauba car wax repels water & Provides Moisture Protection when applied to any surface. Carnauba retains these characteristics. Therefore, an application of a carnauba-based car wax to your vehicle will protect it from UV rays, heat, moisture, oxidation, and environmental contamination.

The Odd factor of carnauba wax is that it does not last long as a synthetic sealant. It will last approximately for 4 to 9 weeks based on how you take precautions. It Also depends on the Driving climate & the Maintenance a car owner gives. Tough use & Low maintenance will give short span wax coating.

Concluding Facts -

As a finish note- Carnauba wax is for Cool shine & Regular usage where you need to put an effort to wax regularly & due to its availability in Market from low to high range it fits well for the pocket for Budget. Carnauba wax gives natural looking paint finish. Also carnauba wax is for enthusiasts who love to spend time on their car & see it getting done to perfection.  Good part what I like it for, is its Professional gloss which I can get as an Enthusiast, without much effort & precision, just amazingly perfect...
Some fast wax or Spray wax does the job even faster for any occasion.

Paint Sealants

Paint sealants are kind of the artificial coat or in more technical term a synthetic Polymer resins which are prepared in laboratories with fully artificial ingredients or with partially natural & Partially artificial ingredients . They last longer, easy to apply, and it’s more of a scientific creation.

A paint sealant is made of polymers, which are composed of synthetic particles that are linked together or made to bond together. When a sealant is applied to your car, it bonds to your Car’s paint surface, it creates a layer or a film on the surface by bonding to paint surface and also these polymers bond together to create a strong chain.
It is not like carnauba that seams into the paint. Paint sealants sits on top of the paint like a transparent coat. Sealants are glossy and durable, but carnauba lovers tell us that sealants don’t have a deep gloss like carnauba and sealants give a plastic gloss finish, looking similar to the application of thin PPF – (Paint Protection Films)
Paint sealants are very popular now due to easy application process and Long duration, sealants don’t wipe off after 4-5 washes. Also some people like the glass finish, especially on Dark cars.

Concluding Facts -

As a finish note- Paint sealants are durable & have ease of application. Some say the gloss is more of a reflection of artificial Looking shine unlike carnauba wax which gives natural paint finish, but the gloss is outstanding as it glows sparkling when your car is parked outside under hot sun.
A premium paint sealant can last 4 to 6 months, sometimes longer.  The paint will have protection from UV rays and atmospheric effect. Consumers who want to spend less time on its maintenance and who does not like to visit detailing outlets often, Paint sealant is the answer, Unlike carnauba which is for true enthusiasts who loves to spend time on it.
Paint sealants have easy application process. Sealants are in liquid form and can be easily applied by hand or Polisher.
However, some prefer to apply carnauba wax on surface which are pre-applied with sealants (Usually 1-2 weeks after applying sealants) to keep the surface protected and to retain gloss for long term.

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