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How to Give a Professional Car Wax by following Simple Steps

How to Give a Professional Car Wax by following Simple Steps
Sep 19, 2017
How to Give a Professional Car Wax by following Simple Steps

If you care for the exterior parts of your car or any other similar type of vehicle, you would obviously give your time and consider for the professional wax to your car rather than following a simple and an easy wax method. For this, it is essential to follow a few important steps, as mentioned in this article.

Evaluate the Car’s Condition

By evaluating the exact condition of your car or vehicle, you will steer towards the right way to clean it. Any new car or an existing one that has an adequate coating of wax on it may require only a wash as well as wax for its maintenance, while a vehicle with only a few exterior part may require polishing and cleaning on a regular basis.

Read the Label Properly

Before you should use any chemical for cleaning of cars, you should read its label. This is because; application of wax, soap or any other detail may vary among both brands and vehicles. In addition, you should make investments only in premium types of microfiber cloths and keep piles separately for all used on wheels, paints and windows. Even you should wash the towel and related cleaning mitts after your every use.

Washing the Car

Washing a car will remove various loose contaminants available as dirt, dust and mud from the outer part of the vehicle. In this case, you should use a suitable car washing soap instead of using any dish cleaner or a liquid form of detergent. This is because; detergent or cleaner may cause damage to the car paint and striping away the wax component. In this case, you have to rinse the car properly to eliminate large pieces of dust/dirt, as it may cause scratches to the car while washing it and use dry clothes as well as clean mitts.

Preparation of the Car Surface

Once you complete with the washing job, you may easily identify swirls, scratches and oxidation in the faint and find many bonded contaminants in the form of tree sap or overspray, which you may not be able to remove via washing. In this case, if you observe that contaminants are unusable to remove manually and in case you feel some bumps, you should choose an advanced step associated with the cleaning of your car.

You may use a clay bar to remove the various stubborn bonded contaminants. It helps in the removal of almost everything from the car/vehicle surface, including the wax and restore in a smooth way into the paint. You should start the procedure by simply kneading it within a flat wafer and use a suitable detailer in the form of a lubricant. You should hold it properly in your palm and operate it nearby your car surface.

Now, you have to use a compound intended to remove etching and scratches, which remain present below the car surface. You may apply this by the help of a dual-action polisher or a had applicator pad to wipe away in no time. However, in case of a few deep scratches, you have to apply only a paint touch-up solution.

Polishing to Achieve Extra Gloss

Polishing is optional and is analogous to the application of a lotion on human skin. You may use a dual-action polisher or your hand to apply the polish, while add color depths by the application of suitable conditioning oils and highest possible gloss before the waxing, particularly on your dark colored vehicles.

Waxing to Protect the Cars

Waxing resembles to the application of sunscreen to your cars or vehicles. This provides a strong protective layer from various UV rays to avoid the problem of fading and almost everything, which may fall on the car paint. This helps in preserving the high gloss finishing and remains available in either of polymer or carnauba form. 

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