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Do It Yourself Headlight Restoration to Avoid its Discoloration

 Do It Yourself Headlight Restoration to Avoid its Discoloration
Sep 19, 2017
Do It Yourself Headlight Restoration to Avoid its Discoloration

Today, most of the cars, trucks and other vehicle owners ask a common question that how they should clean of oxidized or yellow headlights to give them an entirely new look. An important thing in this case is that individuals not only require to clean them, but also should restore them with the help of a Do it Yourself headlight restoration kit. However, before you should step ahead to restore or clean them, you should understand their compositions and reasons for the oxidization or discoloration of headlights.

Reasons Behind Discoloration of Headlights

The discoloration of headlights usually takes place because of following reasons, which include-

  • Headlights comprised of polycarbonate plastics rather than glass. This plastic is hard, but is also porous, because of which you have to keep in a sealed condition.

  • Debris present in the road comprises of small rocks, pebbles and sand kicked up primarily due to ongoing traffic at the speed ranging from 30miles per hour to 80miles per hour acts as a sandblaster for car headlights. Eventually, the debris chips the sealer of the headlights away from forming small cracks and dents. Later on, such cracks and dents begin to collect grime and dirt from the nearby areas.

  • UV rays of the sun combine with the acid rain, acid from the bugs and petrochemicals obtained from the asphalt present on roads damage the headlights of your car or vehicle, as similar to the cancer problem.

Thus, before you know, the nice crystal clear headlights of your vehicles become cloudy, foggy and yellow. In this situation, you should address the problem to restore the headlights otherwise they undergo heavy oxidization and form yellow color.

Restoration of Headlights

Once you collect data on the reasons behind yellowing or discoloration of car headlights, you should resolve the problem by following the restoration method. For this-

Clean the headlights and seal them properly to get a long lasting result. Especially, you will expect to get the best result by choosing an effective method that involves the application of wet sanding method, sealing and polishing. On an average, you will expect to restore the headlights of your vehicles in one or two hours.

Steps Involved in the Restoration Process

  • Firstly, you have to tape off or mask the yellow colored headlights to provide protection to the paint job present in your vehicle.

  • You should start sanding the headlight lenses by using a grit sand paper. Alternatively, you may try for either of the dry or wet sand paper in this situation.

  • While you should do the sanding process, you should make sure of keeping the surface of the vehicle headlight in a wet condition by using a spray bottle filled with water or with the application of a garden hose operating very slowly.

  • After you complete with the wet sanding wash, you should clean the headlight with water and then polish it by using a preferable water soluble polish.

  • Before you should reach to the final step associated with the sealing of car headlights, you have to dry them properly. If possible, you should apply a blow dryer to make sure of avoiding any moisture on them, as a single drop of water may ruin the finish completely.

  • Finally, you should seal the car headlights by using a polymer sealer of a top quality.

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